November 18, 2022

Amazon Fire TV Commercials—the Complete Guide

With recent technological advances, new and exciting advertising channels are emerging. And as a modern marketer, you want to be on the lookout for new trends and techniques. One of the recent ones is the Amazon Fire TV commercials.

Fire is a streaming device that gives you access to video entertainment from several popular platforms like Facebook, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and so on. It also allows you to stream music and games. With the potential to reach over 50 million active users monthly, Fire TV ads are the next big thing in marketing.

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What is Amazon Fire TV Advertising?

Amazon Fire TV advertising is the platform’s newest advertising tool. It allows business owners to increase their brand awareness and visibility, reach new audiences, and engage customers. You can create and display ads on tiles that viewers can click on the Fire TV. Although you can’t advertise physical retail products with Fire TV ads, you can promote Prime Video content, Prime Video Channels, and published Fire TV Apps. Perhaps the best part is these ads are unskippable and offer effective targeting and analytics you can measure and report.

Where Will Fire TV Advertising Show up?

Amazon Fire TV ads are usually displayed in different formats, such as banners, carousels, fullscreen screensavers, or tiles (in a row). The following devices are Fire TV devices, and display these ads:

  • Fire Smart TV
  • Fire TV Cube
  • Fire TV Streaming Media Player
  • Echo Show
  • Fire TV Soundbar0
  • Automotive

Types of Amazon Fire Commercials

There are two main types of Fire commercials, and they’re components of the AWS Marketing Cloud. The AWS Marketing cloud is the tool that allows you to run marketing campaigns on Amazon ads.

Amazon OTT

An OTT (over-the-top) is any material displayed directly to consumers via a streaming video service on the internet. It’s often displayed on a TV, also known as a streaming TV. Adverts shown to users within this video material are "OTT commercials” or "streaming TV ads". Amazon OTT advertising is popular because you can:

  • Reach new audiences at scale.
  • Affordable compared to other similar advertising
  • Easy to set up

Amazon DSP

The new Demand-Side Platform (DSP) is a platform that enables advertisers to monitor and control their advertising campaigns. You get analytic reports to evaluate your campaigns.

DSP allows retailers to advertise to their ideal customers on Amazon's websites, mobile apps, and other publishing partners. It’s a programmatic ad platform that the company uses to increase sales for its sellers and, in turn, its revenue and growth. It's also affordable for anyone looking to purchase an advertisement.

Differences between OTT and DSP

OTT and DSP are similar in that they can both appear on and off the platform. However, they are different in a couple of ways:

Amazon DSP

Amazon OTT

DSP offers a more complex platform for companies who want access to data

OTT platforms are best suited for advertising targeting broad audiences

Works on a Cost-Per-Mile model (cost per 1000 impressions)

Works on a Cost-Per-Click model

You can direct your audience to an Amazon page or external website.

You have to be selling products on Amazon

Best for audience targeting and retargeting,

Best for product targeting via video ads

Requires a larger budget

No minimum spend required

Examples of Amazon Fire TV Advertising

You have to get creative with your video marketing for FireTV. Some brands have used Fire TV ads to promote their brands. However, the following brands stand out:


GoNoodle is a media and entertainment company that helps teachers and parents engage kids both in the classroom and at home. The company used Amazon Fire TV ads to promote its app and boost installs by targeting viewers interested in family content.

The results were a whopping 33.7 million impressions in three weeks, a click-through rate of 0.37% and an app installation rate of 0.20%.

Examples of Amazon Fire TV Advertising

Quest Nutrition

Quest Nutrition wanted to create new fans for its brand by penetrating households. So, they used Amazon Fire TV advertising to target young people who would find their ads relevant.

The outcome was an 8.5 times increase in branded shopping queries and a 49% increase in its Amazon product detail page views. This meant more people were now looking for their products – mission accomplished!

Examples of Amazon Fire TV Advertising

How Much Does Amazon Fire TV Advert Cost?

Amazon Fire TV advertising charges you based on the number of clicks your ad gets. Compared to traditional advertising, advertising on Fire TV costs a lot less. What’s more, Amazon Fire TV ads don’t require a minimum spend. All you need to do is place the correct bid to increase your chances of getting the best returns on your ads.

You can control how much you spend by placing the highest bid you're willing to make if someone clicks on your ad. With the help of Semrush’s PPC Optimizer for Amazon app, setting the right bid is even easier. So, when your ad matches a viewer's interests, the probability that they’ll see it increases.

Another way to maximize your Amazon Fire TV ads is to ensure that your campaign is well-optimized with the right keywords, photos, messaging, etc.

How to Buy Amazon Fire Commercials

You can purchase Amazon Fire commercials using your exclusive Amazon advertising accounts. Follow the steps below to set up your advert:

  • First, open the self-service portal. Then, select a name, add a duration for your campaign, and follow the other instructions.
  • Input your budget and bid. Select the campaign's targeting criteria.
  • Lastly, track your campaign’s performance using the configurable reporting dashboard.

Remember that your ads must be suitable for all audiences. Also, you must consider the Creative Acceptance guidelines for any Fire TV commercial you create.  Amazon requires you to check your campaign content before submitting them while keeping these rules in mind.

Amazon Fire TV Advertising Tips and Tricks

Fire TV is a new advertising option for businesses, and you can use the platform to target different audiences. It’s a perfect opportunity if you want to target your audience with premium video content but don’t have access to streaming services.

Use the tips and hacks below to get the best out of Amazon Fire TV Advertising.

Choose the Right Ad Type

Amazon Fire TV Advertising offers several forms of advertising. So, choose the appropriate advert format for your audience. These could include banner advertisements, video commercials, sponsored product links, or call-to-action buttons. You can also include exciting offers in your Fire TV ads. For example, offer free shipping on purchases above a particular amount. Also, remember that Amazon tends to reject ads that are unrelated to the product itself. So, ensure that your ad is in sync with whichever product you advertise.

Improve Ad Quality

Ensure that you put out your brand in the best way possible by using high-quality images and videos. Some tips:

  • Your Amazon Fire TV adverts should be simple and straightforward. Long and overly detailed descriptions will make your adverts look boring.
  • Include an attractive call-to-action (CTA) button in your ad or as a component of your banner design.
  • Reviews go a long way in improving sales. Adding product reviews to your ads can help you boost sales to a significant extent.

Use Audience Targeting

It’s best to target clients interested in particular products directly. You can do this based on their viewing preferences. You can display your advertisement based on user's interests, demographics, viewing preferences, and more. To attract the right audience, always use a simple and captivating title.

Optimize Keywords & Budgeting

Select relevant keywords of your choice for your campaign. When potential customers search for these keywords or phrases, there’s a high chance that they will see your ads. Semrush’s Keyword Wizard for Amazon can help you find the right keywords.

Create a budget to help determine the amount you’ll spend on advertising. It’s best to follow this budget strictly to avoid overspending on advertisements. While creating your Amazon Fire TV advert, test small budgets first, then increase them if you need to.


More people stream video content now than ever before. So, leveraging Amazon Fire TV Advertising to show your target audience video ads is one of the best ways to do marketing. What’s more, it is affordable and highly scalable way to maximize your reach. Adopting this latest advertising tool will not only publicize your brand but also help you expand and grow your business quickly.

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