December 22, 2022

Amazon Advertising Video – How to Set Up and What Format to Use

With over 1.9 million Amazon sellers worldwide, you need a way to stand out in search results. Although sponsored product ads help, video ads typically get 7.5% more clicks, significantly improving your results. You can showcase engaging and entertaining videos that play automatically when buyers browse through the website.

However, not all sellers can upload Amazon advertising videos. You must fulfill several criteria before you start creating them. Your content must also meet certain parameters for final approval. In this article, we answer the critical question, what's needed for an advertiser to set up a video ad campaign?

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What is Amazon Advertising Video?

You'll typically notice Amazon advertising videos when you’ve scrolled halfway through a product listing.

What is Amazon Advertising Video?

They are also visible as part of your listing images section.

What is Amazon Advertising Video?

Sometimes they also show up on the deals page or product listing page as banner ads.

What is Amazon Advertising Video?

Marketing works best when you display your product in a visually appealing manner, which is the main objective of Amazon video advertising. Video ads communicate the story behind your product quickly and efficiently. And this could be the difference between your sales volume and your competitor’s.

Benefits of Video Advertising

With many users scrolling through Amazon search result pages, Amazon's promotional videos aim to give your viewers an excellent first impression of your brand. They convince buyers to click through to your page and buy your product, which automatically increases your conversion rates. Some more benefits include:

  • Potential buyers get a quick preview of your products before they get to your product details page.
  • You can share your brand story with buyers as they look through search results.
  • Your product reach increases as the ad drives traffic to your Amazon page.

Types of Amazon Advertising Videos

There are several types of Amazon advertising videos, and determining the right one for you is crucial.

Amazon Sponsored Brand Video

Unlike traditional sponsored product advertising, which mimics regular search results, sponsored product videos take up a sizable amount of the page. They are, therefore, difficult for buyers to ignore. There are usually two parts to these commercials:

  • A movie that promotes the advertised brand; and
  • A picture of the item for sale, with a description, ratings, price, and shipping information.

The ads are pay-per-click and keyword-focused. You can only create Amazon Sponsored Brands Video ads when you’re part of the Amazon Brand Registry. An example of a sponsored video ad that came up when I searched ‘Juicer’ on the platform.

Amazon Sponsored Brand Video

Amazon DSP Video

Amazon DSP or Demand Side Platform enables you to reach specific online demographics automatically. It is optimized for Pay-per-Impression (PPI) ads so you are charged based on how long the customer watches your ad. You can display the ads both on and off-Amazon to drive visitors to your listings or ecommerce websites. DSP also lets you collect customer demographics data like age, gender, location, preference for data-driven advertising. For example, you can use the audience data to shift your ad positioning, reallocate funds to different creatives, or reoptimize your ads to target customers better.

Templated Amazon Video Ads

The Fire tablet displays pre-recorded video advertisements that are templates. The commercial starts playing as soon as the viewer’s device comes on. And simply pressing the unmute button restores the commercial's audio. Each commercial lasts up to 15 seconds, and you can promote all your Amazon offerings, such as apps, movies, or merchandise.

Amazon Advertising Video Ads

Amazon advertising video ads let you reach customers via the company's website, mobile apps, and Fire tablet's wake screen. Using out-stream automated video in the ad is a great way to get your message across. It is a typical example of the video marketing advertisements you'll find on all of Amazon's pages online.

Amazon Advertisement Video Specs

Amazon wants you to follow its quality and legal specs to give customers the perfect experience. Here are some of them.

Video Length

The optimal length for a video is around 6 and 45 seconds, and the ideal timing is 30 seconds. Template video ads only allow a maximum time of 15 seconds. Mobile and desktop video length limits are usually three minutes. But you should make it at most 15 seconds to get the most out of each repetition. Limit your file size to less than 500MB.

Video Format

The recommended bitrate for streaming a video is 4mbps - 8mbps. Supported formats for video are H.264, MPEG-2, or MPEG-4. It's best if the file is in MP4 or MOV format.

Video Sound

Mono or stereo sound are both acceptable. MP3, AAC, and PCM sound file formats are accepted. Sound quality should be atleast 128 kbps at 44 kHz. The ideal quality for audio is 96 kbps.

Rules and Regulations for Video Ads on Amazon

To avoid rejection, you must create your videos according to Amazon’s guidelines and quality standards. These rules apply to the size, resolution, type, and content. So, you can classify these rules under content, quality checks, and things you should always avoid.

Rules for Content

  • Alcoholic or psychic guidance information is not allowed on Amazon ads.
  • All ads by charitable organizations should solely highlight the good that has come from the cause. No graphic images, violence, or suffering should be depicted.
  • Love, loyalty, and healthy relationships should be in a dating profile if your content falls under the relationship section. No sexual references or encouragement of sexual encounters is allowed.
  • Only content with a PG or TV-PG rating is viewable between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • Indicate the appropriate age range in the ad.
  • Your video's language must reflect the setting and the nature of the service or company you’re promoting.
  • Make it short and sweet, and get to the point of your product's story within the first five seconds.
  • Be careful to use a captivating approach while sharing your brand's backstory.

Video Quality Checks

  • All Amazon commercial videos should begin and conclude without any blank or black areas on the screen.
  • Make sure the videos aren't cut off at the last second.
  • The on-screen text must be legible and at least 30 points in size.
  • Create 4K movies to help customers see and feel the effect.
  • Check that your product poster's proportions match the video's frame size. Another idea is to use a still from your video as a promotional flyer.

Strictly Avoid

  • Putting up trailers for 15+ rating films and TV shows.
  • Including customer testimonials in the videos.
  • Using any Amazon logos or branding.
  • Including any prompts for viewers to click on your video ad.

Amazon Advertising Video Tips

The following tips will help you make the most of your Amazon video advertising efforts.

Customer Attention Is Key

The goal of your marketing video should be to get the viewer to stop what they're doing and watch. According to Amazon, your video's initial two seconds should be the most captivating. This will pique clients' interest as they scroll through search results. Customers are quickly bored by lengthy and elaborate introductions, so keep them short and simple. Looping movies are always a safe bet.

Use Best Keywords

Even though Amazon's search engine optimization (SEO) differs from its video ads, they both serve the same purpose. They increase the number of people who see your products on the platform. So, include relevant keywords in your video description and title. The Keyword Wizard for Amazon tool is your best bet for finding the right keywords to include in your video ads.

Tell Your Product Story

Ensure your video ads are educational and entertaining to get the best engagement. Rather than describe your product, show it. The results are more significant when you appeal to your viewers’ emotions with messaging they can relate to. This will help you connect with them emotionally and build confidence in your brand.

Your Amazon marketing video should feature your company's brand logo. You can add it at the beginning and end of the commercial. People are more likely to remember your company if you include a logo at the end of your ad. So, ensure your logo’s resolution is good enough and does not appear distorted.


You can use promotional videos on Amazon to introduce your product to customers and increase brand awareness. They help you communicate how your product solves the buyer’s problem. However, before creating videos, don’t forget to research the suitable Amazon Advertising format for your product. You also have to register with Brand Registry to get full permission for all video types. By following all content requirements and tips and tricks, you can maximize conversions and advertising success!

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