February 04, 2022

What Is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (A+ Content)?

Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content or A+ content is an Amazon feature that lets sellers represent their brand and products more enticingly on the platform. It provides you with an opportunity to integrate your brand's personality, show off your product features, and turn your listing visitors into paying customers! Although Amazon A plus content is optional, top Amazon sellers use it to incorporate strong visuals, highlight s and stand out from the competition.

In this article, we will understand what is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, the benefits of using it, rules and guidelines, and some additional tips and tricks to help you use Amazon EBC more effectively!

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What is Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon?

Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content(EBC) is a feature that allows sellers to use images and bullet lists in their product descriptions. Without EBC, Amazon product descriptions are just long blocks of text. EBC descriptions, on the other hand, give a more personalized, high-quality feel, switching the reader's focus from text to visuals.

91% of bestseller listings contain A+ content, while, for non-bestseller listing, the number is just 70%.

Amazon also points out that using EBC increases sales by 3-10%. As more top brands and Direct To Customer sellers continue to join Amazon, EBC is set to become a standard on the platform.

Benefits of using EBC

Amazon A plus content allows you to engage your listing visitors and convince them to buy your products. Some of the key benefits of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content include:

Benefits of using Enhanced Brand Content

Grab more customer attention

Visuals are more effective in showcasing your product because they help people retain more information faster. Given that the average person gets distracted in eight seconds, it is little wonder that images get 650% higher engagement than text.

Run cost-effective advertisements

EBC improves your conversion rates and makes running ads on Amazon more cost-effective in the long run. In addition, EBC descriptions look more professional, and the attention-grabbing aspect is crucial when dealing with lower-attention users like people landing on your product via ads.

Get more positive customer reviews

Everyone knows that good reviews are critical to get more sales and rank organically higher in search results. EBC descriptions bring clarity and set correct expectations about your product. As a result, satisfied customers leave more positive reviews and return to purchasing from you.

Increase brand awareness

When done right, EBC brings your product's colors, design, and aesthetics to your entire Amazon product page. You can also consistently include your logo and brand story across all product pages. Brand awareness increases brand loyalty and decreases the chance of competitors' making cheap copies of your products.

Amazon A+ content guidelines

Amazon has strict requirements on the quality of your A+ content and the types of images and logos you use. We give some basic requirements below.

Amazon A+ content guidelines

Image formatting

When formatting your images, you need to stick to the RGB color space, avoid blurry pics, and make sure the image you use is unique and fully owned by you. In addition, your Amazon EBC image keywords in alt tags must describe the image correctly to support customers using a screen reader.

Claims and rewards

Specific claims are not allowed in the text used for EBC. For example, "best selling," "100% satisfaction guaranteed," and similar unsubstantiated language is not permitted by Amazon. Certification regarding eco-friendliness and health benefits are allowed but only if substantiated with sources in liner notes.

Content restrictions

Time-sensitive terms, competitor claims and mentions, customer quotes, pricing info, warranties, and guarantees are strictly prohibited. In addition, you cannot include links or language that redirect visitors away from the website. To make sure you follow all the rules, check out the official A plus content guidelines.

EBC image sizes

The size of your EBC images depends on the Amazon A+ content template you choose. A+ content templates are also called modules. Amazon offers five options, each with its image size limits. All images must also be at least 72 DPI in quality and under 2 MB in size. Of course, Amazon can still reject your pictures if the image gets blurry or unclear.

The five Amazon A+ content module categories  are:

  • Full width image modules - One image 600X180 pixels
  • Single smaller image modules - One image 300X300 with text
  • Multiple smaller image modules - Three images (300X300) with text or four images (220X220 with text
  • Comparison chart - Six images (150X300) with a text table below it.
  • Text modules - Only text no images.

The above categories have several variations so that you have 15+ different modules to customize and enhance your EBC content.

Full width image module
Single smaller image module
Multiple smaller image modules
Multiple smaller image modules
Comparison chart module

How to create an EBC template on Amazon

EBC templates are only available to professional sellers on Amazon. If you are an individual seller, you will need to upgrade your plan. After this, you will have to register your brand on Amazon through the Amazon Brand Registry process. Once registered, the EBC option will be available in your Seller Central, but only for those products part of your approved brand!

You will have an option of choosing the pre-assigned templates, although you can also craft your own using a set of online tools. Graphic design skills are crucial and will play a key role in your product page and EBC standing out.

Steps to add EBC on Amazon

Once Amazon has approved your brand, the steps to add EBC are as follows.

  1. Go into Seller Central, open the "Advertising" drop-down menu, and select "A+ Content Manager."
  2. Click on Start Creating A+ Content
  3. Choose Basic or Brand Story depending on your preferences
  4. Name your content, choose the language and then click Add Module
  5. Select the desired Module, add your images, plus you Amazon EBC image keywords and tags
  6. Add the text boxes and fill in all the info
  7. Click Apply ASINs, insert the product ASINs when prompted
  8. Check the content in preview mode
  9. Click Submit For Approval

After submitting for approval, it takes Amazon three to seven days to respond.

How much does Amazon Enhanced Brand Content cost?

There are two tiers to Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content. Tier 1, also called Basic or A+ Standard content, is 100% free to apply and use. The only requirement is that the seller should be on the Brand Registry. New sellers can also access Amazon A plus content if they are part of a specific program like Amazon Exclusives or Launchpad.

Tier 2, also called Premium or A++ content, has fees that can run up to thousands of dollars per month. Only top Amazon sellers can access this tier, and access is invite-only. Premium Amazon A plus content gives you access to designs with:

  • Seven modules per page
  • Images that are 1464 pixels wide
  • Images and videos that fit the full width of the page
  • Premium visuals to reduce character count

Enhanced Brand Content design

Top-performing EBC designs prioritize three things:

  • They inform by highlighting relevant information about your product.
  • They inspire by invoking emotions in your customers and helping them connect to your product
  • They convert by convincing your customers to click on the buy button!

Things to do

As EBC is entirely image-driven, it is best to use more images and only use the text as supporting content for what the images showcase. Below, we give a quick list of what to watch out for in your EBC design.

  • Use high-quality images that meet resolution and size restrictions.
  • Use banners to attract buyer attention to high-priority product features and direct them to purchase.
  • Use the text boxes effectively to communicate more details with fewer words.
  • Create precise content that is informative and attractive.
  • Double-check that your A+ content is mobile and desktop-friendly
  • Proofread and remove any typos or accidental errors before submission.
  • Check and improve the quality of your listing using Semrush’s Listing Quality Check Tool for Amazon.

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Things to avoid

The EBC you submitted to Amazon can easily get rejected. While you can always re-submit a new one after correcting errors, save time by double-checking the details below.

  • Do not use CYMK colorspace or animated images like .gif files
  • Do not upload photos larger than 2 MB
  • Do not upload images lower than 72 DPI quality. Blurry, low-quality pics are not allowed.
  • Do not use alt texts that don't describe the product or content of the image.
  • Do not use the images already used in the product gallery; make sure to provide unique material.
  • Do not include personal reviews and quotes. If needed, only add up to four quotes from known publications
  • Do not compare your product to other items on the market, nor discuss competitors in any way. Stick to your product
  • Do not mention pricing, discounts, promo codes. Even broad terms like "cheap" or "affordable" are not allowed
  • Do not prompt buyers to purchase with terms like "get it now," "buy today," and other phrases
  • Do not mention time-sensitive data or use seasonal language
  • Do not link outside Amazon or prompt users to contact you outside the platform

How to create effective EBC or A+ content

To create effective A+ content, it is important to first understand how users typically behave when visiting any Amazon product page. Typically, an average buyer only checks the product's main image, reads one or two bullet points, and then scrolls straight to the reviews. After spending most of their time in the reviews section, if the customer is still interested in your product, they will scroll back and check your promo content from the bottom. Hence, the top and bottom sections of your page are critical in your EBC design.

According to Chris Rawlings of Sophie Society, an effective EBC consists of six parts:

  1. Hero image
  2. Story
  3. Interactive slideshow
  4. Custom graphics
  5. Banner
  6. Product carousel

Hero image

The Hero or banner image is the top horizontal image on your product page. It is the first step in grabbing your buyer's attention and stopping them from scrolling further. The image should also be enticing enough so that your customer doesn't get distracted and click on other Amazon links like related products and sponsored items that show up on your product page.

A picture containing text, person, indoor

Description automatically generated

Hero image for a woman's fashion accessory


Once you have the customer's attention, your next goal is to connect with the user. Showcase your product and your store, get personal, show emotion and add a human side to your product.

Including images of real people interacting with your products boost performance and helps make your content more personal.

A picture containing text, bottle, indoor

Description automatically generated

The brand story of a pet product company

Interactive slideshow

By adding a slideshow, you prompt the customers to take action on your listing. It might be a small action like hovering over a few images, but the psychological effect is undeniable. You can also use the slideshow to highlight as many unique features of your product as possible.

Custom graphics

One of the main benefits of EBC is the ability to add your brand's colors to Amazon and attract users with a personalized showcase. Don't hesitate to experiment but make sure a professional creates and polishes your content.

A picture containing text, screen

Description automatically generated

Custom graphics of a Bluetooth projector product

Product carousel is somewhat of an underrated EBC feature. It is essentially a comparison table or a listing table. If your brand offers several related products, a carousel is a must. It allows you to draw attention away from competitor products to your items.

Mary Ruth multivitamins comparison table

Comparison of a multivitamin brand

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content example

We give below some highly successful EBC examples to inspire you:

Whoosh sells cleaning products for tech and gadgets on Amazon. They used EBC to modify their product description fields with enhanced images highlighting their brand story. As a result, they achieved an amazing 427% increase in page conversion rate within 30 days of launch.

Another highly successful Amazon Enhanced Brand Content example is Bioganix. Bioganix sells natural dietary supplements, one of the toughest categories on Amazon. They used creative banner design to showcase product features and make their products appear larger than life. Their revenue shot up 170% within one month of launching their EBC content!

Why does Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content get rejected?

Once submitted for approval, the EBC content can be rejected for breaking Amazon's rules. Amazon checks if the content is appropriately copyrighted, images meet all size restrictions and quality requirements, and the text follows Amazon guidelines. For example, your content can get rejected if:

  • You make unsubstantiated claims about your product's effects, health benefits, or eco-friendliness
  • You use salesy language and make baseless satisfaction claims like "top-rated," "bestselling," "satisfaction guaranteed," and others.
  • You mention guarantee or warranty information referring to refund or return policies off Amazon.
  • You refer to your brand as a distributor or seller
  • You provide shipping details or QR codes
  • You include personal data like addresses, emails, or phone numbers

By going through Amazon's rules in detail, you can avoid wasting time in rejections and reapplications. You can quickly check if your listing follows all guidelines by using Semrush's Listing Quality Check tool for Amazon.


As of 2022, Amazon has merged Enhanced Brand Content and A+ content into a single feature called Amazon A plus content. You can access this feature once you have a professional seller account and have completed the Brand Registry Process.

By proving that you are a unique and authentic brand, you get access to the free Amazon A+ content templates. You can use these templates to visually enhance your product pages, connect with your customers and tell your brand story.

You must follow all rules and requirements when creating A+ content; otherwise your designs can get rejected. With increasing competition on the platform, A+ content is no longer a nice-to-have feature – it is a must if you want to become a top seller on Amazon!

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