December 10, 2021

What Is a Good Amazon Sales Rank (BSR)?

Sellers on Amazon worry about only one thing: sales volume. Their revenue depends entirely on their sales volume, and if it’s too low or even zero, there is a problem. But what determines a product’s sales volume? Its seller rank on Amazon.

Most sellers understand the importance of ranking at the top of the search results, but very few understand how to get there.

In 2021, Amazon managed to bag a 50% share of the United State’s e-commerce market, making it the biggest target market of any seller. This means that now, you have a good chance of making it to Amazon’s Best Sellers list by following the guidelines in this article. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that?

Source: Statista

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Amazon Sales Rank Explained: Meaning and Improvement

A number is assigned to an item based on its popularity in its category, known as Amazon Sales Rank. It is also sometimes referred to as the Amazon Bestselling Ranking (BSR). This allows the customers to see how a specific product is selling compared to similar product listings in its category.

So, what is a good sales rank on Amazon? Making it to the top 10 best-selling products in your product category is a good sales rank. The competition is fierce; everyone wants to reach #1.

Amazon Sales Rank Explained: Meaning and Improvement

However, simply optimizing your listing will not be enough to reach your goal. You need to increase your sales volume as well. Here are some aspects you need to consider for your online strategy to increase your chances of becoming the #1 best seller on Amazon.

Focus On Becoming a Resource

The first thing you need to do is differentiate yourself from your competitors by leveraging yourself as a resource. You can provide specific information to your customers to satisfy their needs instead of simply selling a product. Your brand will build trust among the customers, leading to an increase in sales.

Find Relevant Keywords

Keywords play an essential part in making your listing visible on Amazon. The best practice is to find keywords with a high search volume and insert them into your listings.

The keywords should be related to your product and brand. Try using similar keywords to increase your visibility as well. This guide will uncover how to harness the power of keyword research to create a successful keyword strategy for your Amazon listing.

Don’t forget about related keywords, i.e., popular synonyms for your keywords, either. For example, each month, 62K+ Amazon customers mistakenly search for “rubix cube” while only around 8K type the correct spelling, “rubik’s cube.” That’s 54K+ customers that you could be missing out on! We have a special “related keywords” tab in the Keyword Wizard that helps you find keyword gems for your product.

Try the Keyword Wizard tool

Divert Traffic to Your Products

You can opt for creating a page for your brand on Facebook to create awareness about the benefits of your brand, products, and commitment. However, you can boost your posts on Facebook by running marketing campaigns to reach more people. You can redirect the traffic coming to your Facebook page to your products listed on Amazon to boost sales.

“Amazon sellers strive for diversification and are willing to grow their brand through their website, Instagram, etc.” – says Vitalii Khyzhniak, CEO at Profit Whales, in this post about Amazon E-commerce Predictions for 2022.

Consider Running PPC Campaigns

You can use PPC campaigns to build your competitive edge; however, it’s essential to target your exact customers to increase sales. Otherwise, you miss out on the advantages of global visibility and impressions. Through PPC campaigns, you can directly reach interested buyers, and you are only charged by the number of clicks on your products. This post reveals the most actionable strategies for optimizing your Amazon PPC campaigns and uncovers how to go smart about your Amazon PPC management.

Why Is Amazon Sales Ranking Important?

First, let’s look at how you can find your sales ranking on Amazon. As you scroll down on your product page, you will see the Product Details section. Here, you will look for the Best Sellers Rank.

Through Amazon Sales Rank, a seller can understand how other products are performing compared to their listings. Let’s say that your product is ranked as #13 on Amazon. This means that 12 different products are performing better than your product in the same category.

Learning about where you stand in the Amazon Sales Ranking is essential as it lets you understand your weaknesses and why your product is not performing against your competitors. Your rank will assist you in forming better SEO-based strategies that will take your product higher in the rankings and boost sales.

Key of Amazon Ranking System Algorithm

Amazon has its proprietary A9 Algorithm, which powers its search engine. This allows customers to search for their desired products better. Sellers need to understand Amazon’s A9 Algorithm to increase their chances of becoming successful.

However, Amazon has never disclosed the actual working of their algorithm; here are some key factors that people need to keep in mind.

  • Relevance
    Ensure that your product is 100% relevant to the keywords you are targeting, improving your visibility on Amazon. Your product is fully optimized for the right keywords, and people can easily search for your product.
  • Conversion Rate
    You as a seller should pay particular attention to conversion rate contribution factors such as product price, image quality, etc. By maintaining these factors, you can easily rank your product higher on Amazon’s SERPs.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    Recently, Amazon has started paying special attention to Order Defect Rate and Product Reviews. If your product gets good reviews and better seller feedback, your product ranking will also increase significantly.

Recently, Amazon launched its A10 Algorithm, which was aimed at enhancing the existing capabilities of its predecessor. The weightage of factors that were used to assign Amazon Sales Rank to products has changed. The A10 Algorithm now pays more attention to the seller’s authority, such as:

  • How long you have been selling on Amazon
  • How well your product return history is
  • How often you get positive feedback from customers

Now, you need to have an extensive catalog on Amazon to rank higher. If you have numerous items listed in your store, the total number of positive reviews will increase your Sales Rank. Also, the A10 Algorithm ranks products based on the number of impressions they get. This means that now you have to keep a close eye on your relevance to the keywords.

How Can I Improve My Sales Rank?

Once you understand how the Amazon Ranking System works, it’s time to ask yourself how you can take advantage of it to improve your sales rank on Amazon. It’s relatively simple, all you have to do is follow these steps, and you’ll see improvement very soon.

Have a Perfect Product Title

The most common habit of Amazon shoppers is that they judge your product from its product title. Therefore, having the perfect title is crucial to improving your ranking. Making it creative, informative, and adequately optimized by using the relevant keywords for your product will do the trick. However, make sure to add these elements to the title as well:

  • Brand Name
  • Product Name
  • Features such as Size, Color, or Dimensions

Have a Detailed Product Description

You should utilize the Description section to its fullest, as it can leave a great impression on a shopper. Play around with it as much as you can, use meaningful and creative words to describe your product, and expand on the features or the benefits the user can gain from the product. Like the title, the product description section should include relevant keywords to help rank your products on Amazon SERPs.

If your product description is clear, informative, and understandable, then you can easily attract your potential customers and increase your overall sales volume. It plays a vital role in enhancing your conversion rates along with customer engagement. However, if you fail to produce a product description that is good enough, you will lose sales and your rank. Therefore, getting it right the first time is necessary to bag the win.

Use HD Product Photography

Shoppers prefer online sellers who can provide full HD images of their products on Amazon. Looking at the pictures is the only way to visualize the product, see how it looks, and build expectations.

Using images that show all the angles and features of the product is the norm. It’s crucial to put in the effort here, as this is the ultimate deciding factor for your potential customer. Here are some guidelines you can follow:

  1. Amazon recommends that you use an image that is 2560 pixels wide. The bare minimum resolution is 1000 pixels; if your photo is lower, then it’s not good enough.
  2. You should capture your product image to fill 85% of the image frame offered by Amazon.
  3. White should be used as the background color.
  4. You should keep your image format as JPEG/PNG/GIF/TIFF.
  5. You should take special care with your lighting when taking professional photos.
  6. Make sure not to include any blank spaces, hyphens, or special characters.
  7. It’s not recommended to include logos, borders, or watermarks in your product images.

If you lack professionalism in your photos, you will end up sending a negative impression to your buyers, and they will never purchase your product. Over time, your rank will start to fall. So, you need to consider all of these aspects to improve your listing.

Find out your listing quality score with the Listing Quality Check tool. The tool will scan your listings, analyze their compliance with Amazon guidelines, and show you which critical errors you should focus on first.

Keep Your Price Competitive

While selling on Amazon, you need to consider the price factor as well. To stay ahead of your competitors and offer competitive prices, you can look up variables that affect product costs to help you lower them.

However, avoid making the mistake of intentionally reducing the price and increasing shipping costs. This will alert Amazon’s intelligent algorithm, and it will not let you rank higher. In fact, it can lower your ranking.

Here are some tips to strategically price your products on Amazon:

  1. Understand your profit margin
  2. Identify your minimum and maximum price
  3. Differentiate your product
  4. Test different prices to check what changes
  5. Price products above Amazon’s free shipping minimum
  6. Employ the use of “Charm Pricing”
  7. Set a Business Price
  8. Provide discounts through coupons

Offer Amazon Prime

It only took 13 years for Amazon to reach its first 100 million Prime members. Prime is a benefit-driven membership. Prime has long been the engine that drives business and provides customers with free instant shipping.

The number of people joining Prime is increasing, especially now that e-commerce is booming in the wake of the pandemic, and Amazon is luring more clients from the US and internationally.

Sellers and Vendors have two paths to join Amazon Prime:

1. Seller Fulfilled Prime

If you are already selling and shipping your products directly, you are not allowed to charge extra for shipping. However, your orders should be shipped quickly and accurately. There is a waitlist to join SFP.

Therefore, if you want to increase your chances of getting approved, you need a high rank, as well as high selling volume on Amazon, although this is not necessarily a requirement. As a seller, you will have a high-profit margin as you will only pay the fees for joining Amazon Seller Central.

2. Fulfillment by Amazon

If you feel like your fulfillment resources are not enough to meet the standards of Prime, then you can simply send your products directly to Amazon. They will store your items in one of their warehouses.

Whenever a purchase is made, your order will be automatically packed and shipped from the warehouse. Selling through FBA will decrease your profit margin because you will be paying fees to pack and ship your products.

In Q1 2021, Amazon Prime had over 200 million members, as there is a mix of sellers and vendors. Sellers need to join Seller Central to become eligible for Prime. Due to popular demand, sellers are added to a waitlist if they join through the Seller Fulfilled Prime option. However, if they opt for Fulfilment by Amazon, they will be automatically added to Prime.

Answer Key Questions That Customers Have

You can attract first-time buyers to your page by answering their inquiries. Customers that buy from you have a lot of similar queries, and dealing with those questions will help you attract additional customers. You must earn their trust through the information you offer in your product FAQs as well.

Providing answers to the fundamental questions helps the seller identify any shortcomings in their listing. Use the chance to check your product listing and see where you can improve if people have queries about your products. This is because the customer does not need to look anywhere else to find help. Answering your customers’ questions is critical for the following reasons:

  • It is an excellent way to build up buyers’ loyalty
  • It can add value to your product
  • It can improve your products’ exposure and conversions
  • It can highlight your products’ weak points

Get More Reviews

Research proves that almost 84% of people trust online reviews. People share their experiences through the Reviews section at the end of the product listing. They also serve as an influencing agent for other customers that will make or break their buying intention.

They are one of the most effective strategies to increase brand conversions, credibility, and overall e-commerce visibility for any seller. Here are some methods to get more reviews on your products:

  1. Sending your customers a personalized review request to their email
  2. Adding a product insert that asks for reviews from your customers
  3. Request reviews in your email newsletter
  4. Asking for reviews on your social media accounts
  5. Joining the Amazon Early Reviewer Program

Work on Amazon Listing

Every Amazon business owner should be keen to introduce new ways for potential customers to discover and engage with them. Optimizing your Amazon listings is a simple technique to increase traffic to your product pages and provide customers with the experiences they desire.

Here are nine techniques to improve your product page’s search visibility, click-through rate (CTR), and conversion rate (CR):

  1. Optimizing your listings with SEO
  2. Buying sponsored product ads
  3. Sharing your listings on social media
  4. Running competitor analysis
  5. Partnering with influencers
  6. Maintaining strong product ratings
  7. Maintaining strong shipping performance
  8. Monitoring your selling rating
  9. Launching a lightning deal

Create a Few Giveaways

An Amazon Giveaway is a promotional event aimed at increasing brand awareness.

A successful Amazon Giveaway can provide sellers with a variety of benefits. First and foremost, you will expand your customer base. You'll make people aware of your business through your products as you'll allow them to try your products for free. It can also boost client retention among those who have already bought something from you.

With Amazon Giveaways, you can get an edge over your competitors, which boosts sales. As an Amazon seller, you can easily set up giveaway deals to promote the sale of your product as everyone likes a bundle. Here is how giveaways work:

  1. Select your desired prize on Amazon and pay for it
  2. Set up sweepstakes from the wizard
  3. Share the link on social media
  4. All entrants will log in to Amazon to participate in the giveaway
  5. Amazon will notify and ship the prize to the winner


Suppose you want to achieve your dream of getting the #1 Amazon Sales Rank. To do so, you need to be committed and have excellent attention to detail about the tiny things that make a significant contribution to your ranking. In the world of e-commerce, you need to carefully consider your SEO strategy by following specific keywords to rank your product listing on Amazon SERPs.

Ranking a product on the first page of Amazon is hard; ranking it at the top is harder still. But with enough care given to all the steps we have highlighted above, not only does it become possible, it becomes realistically achievable.

Sometimes, organic reach may not be enough to get your desired sales rank. Therefore, you can utilize the full potential of PPC campaigns to your advantage. However, you need to have ample profit margins from your product to cope with the costs associated with these campaigns. In the end, keep an eye on your Sales Rankings to become #1.

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