July 26, 2021

[Prosper Show 2021 Online Extension] Conquer Amazon Search: 3 SEO Tactics That Deliver

Our team was so grateful to be a part of Prosper Show 2021 in Las Vegas. We were happy to meet the rest of the Amazon industry community,  learn, and share our knowledge!

Prosper is extending its in-person event with a special post-event digital content offering called Prosper Remix:

  • When: August 17 - 18, 2021
  • Where: Online
  • Why Attend: This online extension of Prosper Show 2021 will feature hot topics and favorite speakers from the in-person events. Registration includes access to on-demand, and live sessions both days of the event.
  • Registration: $199.00, includes on-demand viewing access through November 18, 2021.

Sellzone is going to show you a broader view of Amazon SEO presented in 3 simple tactics you might never have thought of. With our speakers Robyn Johnson and Jacob Grau – an experienced Amazon seller and an Amazon marketing expert.

Conquer Amazon Search: 3 SEO Tactics That Deliver

You know that Amazon SEO is much more than putting keywords in your listing’s “search terms” field. Join this session for an advanced dive into the underused tactics to bring more free traffic to your products on Amazon: from finding the low-hanging fruits when doing keyword research to beating your competitors at their own marketing game.Most buyers come from Amazon search, so let’s help them find your product!

Secure your seat and join us!

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