November 12, 2021

The Best Amazon Courses: How to Make the Right Pick in 2022

With more and more sellers joining the Amazon universe every day, there’s one thing that differentiates successful sellers from the rest - they’ve got their Amazon basics right.

Amazon offers plenty of opportunities for anyone willing to make a sale, but it’s also pretty strict and limiting in other ways. So if you want to enter the Amazon race with a winning hand and reap the full benefits of the marketplace, you need to have the basics in place and a strategy ready.

This post will unwrap the best Amazon courses with the highest value for both beginners and experienced sellers.

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The Best Amazon Courses For Beginners

If you’re a seasoned seller and want to discover new techniques for scaling your Amazon business, then you might want to skip ahead to the next section.

In this first part, we’ve looked at some of the top courses for building an Amazon business from scratch. These are a great starting point if you have no experience with the marketplace.

How to Sell on Amazon: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide with Robyn Johnson

Brought to you by Semrush, this course was designed by Robyn Johnson, a world-renowned expert on Amazon marketing and sales.

Robyn shares her experience and knowledge in a series of videos where she walks ‘students’ through opening their very first Amazon seller account, creating the perfect listing, and uncovering all the hidden Amazon gems and pitfalls.

What does this course cover?

If you’ve never had any experience selling on Amazon and only know the marketplace as “that place you order things from”, this is the perfect course for you.

Robyn covers everything there is to know about getting started on Amazon and setting up your product listing for success, including:

  • Managing the Amazon Seller Central account
  • The make-or-break factors of a winning Amazon listing
  • Making a successful product launch;Using split testing to maximize the efficiency of your listing
  • Leveraging Amazon’s special programs to expand your visibility and boost sales

The course is power-packed with:

  • 12 videos that cover all the Amazon marketing basics and more
  • Additional reading material that will help you take your newly acquired knowledge even further
  • Post-video quizzes that help make sure you’ve got everything right and bring a practical twist to the theory

Top perks:

  • The course is absolutely FREE
  • There is a certificate at the very end of the course, proving that you are now a Semrush-certified Amazon selling expert

Amazon FBA: Start to Finish Guide - Dominate Your Competition by Ben Hedley

Perfect for beginners who are yet to pick their first product and have never dealt with overseas suppliers, this 1.5-hour course navigates you through all the technicalities of Amazon selling.

There is a strong operational focus here, from shipping to barcodes to private labeling, and while Ben does cover some of the marketing aspects of Amazon strategy, you may want to turn to Robyn’s course for more insights on that.

If you want to build an Amazon FBA business and create a private label, this course will walk you through all the nuances, including:

  • How to go about private labeling your product
  • Picking the right product with the help of competitor research and third-party tools
  • Finding suppliers (particularly in China) and running negotiations
  • Understanding shipping and barcodes;
  • Building initial traction for your listed product
  • Turning your Amazon business into a full-scale e-commerce store

While the course might seem fairly fragmented and only covers certain aspects of Amazon, it comes at only $12.99 (discounted now from $19.99). As a result, it’s definitely worth considering to make sure you’re fully prepared for the seller-supplier aspect of Amazon business, while if you’re aiming to start a private label, this is a must-watch.

How to Start a 6 Figure Amazon Dropshipping Home Business by Armani Keller

Another course with a strong operational focus, Armani Keller covers pretty much everything sellers need to know to set up their Amazon business.

This course is built from a practitioner’s perspective, walking students through the entire Amazon business setup process from start to finish. This includes:

  • Opening up an Amazon Seller Account and adding bank account details
  • Store policy specifics (i.e. returns, shipping, etc.)
  • Discovering profitable products, including which products can and cannot be listed for sale
  • How to go about your Amazon “first’s”: first order, first shipment, first cancelation, first return, and so on
  • Managing your inventory

Listed on Udemy, this course has a 4-star-rating. For $19.99 (with discounts sporadically available) you will get access to two hours’ worth of content and three downloadables.

Starting an Amazon FBA Store On a Tight Budget by Theo McArthur

A Udemy bestseller, this course is pretty much a combination of the other three. The only catch is the price - it costs $109.99.

This is a very comprehensive course that delivers on its promise, helping inexperienced sellers start an Amazon FBA store on a budget. But with more than 100 videos (10-hours+), it also covers some more advanced tactics for growing your Amazon business.

On top of the basics already mentioned throughout the courses above, this course teaches users how to:

  • Ensure BSR (Amazon best sellers rank)
  • Understand patents
  • Find suppliers across various platforms (i.e. Alibaba, Zentrada, etc.) vs. selling DIY products
  • Calculate profit per unit
  • Send inventory to FBA
  • Promote your listing with the use of Amazon Sponsored Ads
  • Implement various tricks to maximize sales (e.g. bundles)

If you want to focus on one single course that covers all things Amazon, then this is a great recommendation.

The Best Amazon Courses for Experienced Sellers

If the previous courses were designed to navigate students through the very basics of the marketplace, the following educational spots are built for experienced sellers who are looking for new ways to expand their Amazon business.

The 7-Figure Secret to Amazon Product Research & Launch by Brandon Young

Brandon Young is what you might call a serial Amazon entrepreneur. In this course, he shares his tried and tested approach to launching winning products on Amazon, with a strong focus on the product research aspect of the job.

This course is ideal for those sellers who want to build a private label and are struggling with choosing the right product and the right source.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Run conversion-minded product research
  • Analyze keyword data to make sure you’re picking the right product to sell
  • Work with budgeting and the financial aspects of an Amazon business
  • Maximize the efficiency of product listings

The course costs $197, but it’s important to note that while all the previous courses guarantee lifetime access, in this case, you will only have 12 months of  access. That said, it’s still worth giving Brandon’s course a go if you want a structured approach to product research and sales.

OA (Online Arbitrage) Challenge by Chris Grant

This 14-day challenge covers one of the most challenging parts of e-commerce - online arbitrage.

For $147 you will learn everything there is to know about getting your sourcing right. If you’re not aiming to create a private label and want to make money selling others’ products on Amazon, this is a must-watch.

Chris Grant uncovers how to pick the most profitable products and manage the resale process on the marketplace. The course comes with lifetime access, plus a pre-recorded Q&A.

On top of the challenge, you’ll also get some free extra perks:

  • An online arbitrage e-book (worth $97)
  • A guide to ungating the likes of Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour (worth $47)

This is definitely a program for more experienced sellers who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of online arbitrage.

Start FBA Today by Mommy Income

The promise here is that, in 22 videos and 6 hours of instruction, you will learn how to build a profitable Amazon business - from setup to scaling.

The course certainly delivers on this promise, and it’s well suited to those who like structured storytelling and a hands-on approach.

This course covers:

  • How to set up a business
  • How to find products that will sell on Amazon
  • How to go about source and process inventory, ensuring it’s protected from any damage
  • How to make smarter purchasing decisions and reinvest your profits

What’s great is that the course gets constantly updated, making sure you are always up-to-speed with any changes to Amazon FBA. You get lifetime access to the course, too, with the option to refresh your knowledge and get all the updates.

For a more advanced course, it’s on the lower pricing tier level, costing just $97.

Perry & Kim’s Advanced Workshops

While Perry & Kim don’t really offer a single bundled course on all things Amazon, they have some pretty advanced courses that cover various aspects of selling in the marketplace. And if you want to take your business to the next level, they are all worth taking a look at.

There are numerous courses available in their store, but some of our favorites are:

The Amazon Brand Success Academy by Marketplace Seller Courses

This all-encompassing course on Amazon selling is built by long-standing experts from the Marketplace Seller Courses. The course is specifically designed and geared towards emerging and established brand owners.

It’s a great end-to-end hub where you can learn everything you need to know about selling on the marketplace. Topics include:

  • Running market research and calculating the initial investment
  • The key Amazon principles and technical aspects of Amazon algos
  • Building the storefront and ensuring seller account health
  • Dealing with fulfilment, imports, and QR coding
  • Amazon marketing tips and tricks - from decoding Amazon’s ranking algo to driving traffic from external channels
  • Pricing strategies on Amazon
  • Avoiding trademark, copyright, patent, and counterfeit issues

The course itself is built as a series of training videos that run for 8 hours.
If you like to keep all your educational materials in one place, this is truly a platform to consider. As well as the course itself, the $97 fee includes access to bootcamps dedicated to certain aspects of Amazon sales (i.e. branding, customer service, etc.), and Q&A sessions with experts from the Marketplace Seller Courses.

Over to You

In the ocean of content on all things Amazon, these top courses will help you to future-proof your Amazon business against the challenges and obstacles you’re going to face. As a result, you’ll be able to set up a smoothly running Amazon business with the best chance of achieving profits.

And while some of the courses from our list come with updates and lifetime access, it does take time to record, edit, and upload new videos. Given that Amazon changes are often fast and frequent, it’s important to check in with the Sellzone blog to ensure that you’re getting all the latest news and updates on everything related to Amazon.

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