January 12, 2023

What Are Amazon Warehouse Deals, and How Do They Work?

What Are Amazon Warehouse Deals, and How Do They Work?

Amazon warehouse deals provide a wide range of products for much lower prices. You can save hundreds of dollars on electronic devices, household items, pet supplies, outdoor equipment and more. While savvy buyers go to the warehouse to find discounts, sellers can also benefit from this feature. Let's see what the deals are all about.

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What Is an Amazon Warehouse Deal?

With inflation over 7% as of November this year, being practical with your shopping makes, well, practical sense! Amazon Warehouse is an offering where customers get great deals on used products. For most people, ‘used’ carries a negative connotation. But, in the Warehouse context, the term is cited loosely. The company ensures that all products under Amazon warehouse deals are in good condition and meet quality criteria. In fact, most products have been tested to ensure usability. If any minor issues are present, the product description will cite them so you are not caught unawares. According to Yahoo, the most popular items in the warehouse are

  • Computers and accessories
  • Home and kitchen
  • Electronics and photo
  • Home improvement

Amazon Warehouse Return Policy

The great thing about Amazon warehouse deals is that all products are returnable. According to the Amazon warehouse return policy:

  • Used or open-box products can be returned within 30 days.
  • The countdown starts on the date of shipping.
  • Certified refurbished products or renewed items can be returned 90 days from the date of shipment.
Amazon Warehouse Return Policy

Types of Amazon Warehouse Deal Items

The items under Amazon warehouse deals are categorized to give buyers an idea of what they are getting. There are three basic types of products—used, renewed, and open box.


Ther term used simply means you are not the first customer to have received the product. There are variations to how “used” a warehouse deal is. So, items have the following sub-categories:

Used - Like New

The item under this type is a product that is in perfect working condition, but the packaging has some damage. The item also has all the accessories it needs to function fully; if there are flaws, they are minimal and inconspicuous.

Some of the products may have minor damage, which could also be why they were returned to the warehouse. But whatever damage it has won’t affect its working condition, and it will be mentioned on the product description page.

Moreover, the packaging may still be intact but the protective covering of the product is not. In most cases, the instruction manual is included in the box.

Used - Very Good

The product under this category may have seen limited use but remains functional and in good condition. There may be some cosmetic imperfections but these don’t affect its operational quality. The packaging may have some damage, or it will be completely repacked. There are also instances of missing accessories, but none of them are essential to the function. All of this information will be detailed in the product description.

Types of Amazon Warehouse Deal Items

Used - Good

The product had been moderately used, and it shows in the physical wear and tear of the item. However, it is entirely functional. There may be cases where the product is missing some essential accessories and, therefore, won’t function until these are purchased. These missing accessories, and their importance to the operation of the product, will be mentioned in the product description.

The item is usually repacked or comes in damaged packaging.

Used - Acceptable

Under this category, the product looks like it has been fairly worn out but is still completely operational. There are usually signs of cosmetic damage, but they don’t affect the item’s operations. There may be missing parts and accessories essential to their function, which means you must purchase those before you can use the product. Details of the missing parts will be on the product description page. The packaging may have some damage, or the item may be repacked entirely.

Types of Amazon Warehouse Deal Items - Used


An item is considered renewed if it was pre-owned but has since been retrofitted to work and look as good as new. The process includes an in-depth cleaning, complete diagnostics, and replacement of defective components. Renewed items look new, have no cosmetic wear and tear, and their accessories come packed in a generic white or brown box. Qualified experts have inspected and tested the products to earn the category label. For electronic items, testers additionally ensure that the renewed item has an 80% optimum function compared to new ones.

To assuage any fears of purchasing renewed products, the item is also covered by an Amazon Renewed Guarantee. The guarantee allows refund and replacement within 90 days if the product doesn’t:

  • Doesn't function as described
  • Looks old and worn out.

The refund or replacement process is fast and hassle-free for buyers.

Types of Amazon Warehouse Deal Items - Renewed

Open Box

There are many Amazon buyers who return products without using them. For example, a person purchases a black air fryer. Upon opening the box, they realize they prefer the white one because it looks better in their kitchen. So, they return the product and ask for a replacement. The product was returned to Amazon unused. Still, because of company’s policies, it will be resold as “open box” instead of “new”. Open-box products are inspected and tested to ensure they work just like the new version. Not everything is guaranteed good as new though—Some products may have slight damage that doesn’t affect function. You can actually get a good deal for an unused and brand-new product under this category. All items on the warehouse deals page are open box unless mentioned otherwise.

How Do Amazon Warehouse Deals Work for Buyers?

Buyers can purchase products from Amazon warehouse deals for as much as 70% off the price of a brand-new product. Of course, there are risks of slight damage or cosmetic issues but never on function.

How to Find Amazon Warehouse Deals?

On the retailer site, click the dropdown arrow on the left of the search box. Simply click on Amazon warehouse and find the various product categories. Go to the product you are looking for and see its price and condition report. You may also type the keyword for the product you are searching for. You must read and understand the product descriptions to know what to expect when you receive the product. Just like purchasing any regular product from Amazon, you can click on the item you want to buy and put it in your basket.

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Condition Report

The condition report is one of the most important things to look out for when buying from the deals page. This report will have the type of item, whether it is used, and the specific category of used or renewed. Do remember that Amazon warehouse deals items do not have manufacturing warranties. If the item is not functioning as it is used to, you have 30 days to return it based on the Amazon warehouse return policy.

Why Do Buyers Prefer Warehouse Deals?

It’s pretty simple–Amazon warehouse deals are easy on the budget. Many people are after affordability and function rather than just aesthetics. So what if the laptop has some scratches on it? As long as it allows you to work on your professional presentation without a hitch, then it’s already a win for you.

How Do Amazon Warehouse Deals Work for a Seller?

Amazon hosts about two million small and medium third-party businesses. They account for 58% of Amazon sales. While sellers enjoy many benefits, they cannot list items on the Warehouse section. There are only two ways a product ends up on the deals page:

●   Damaged under Amazon’s control - When a product is damaged at the FBA warehouse, under company responsibility, then the company inspects the item and checks if it can still resell it through the Amazon warehouse deals. The seller gets a refund for the damaged item.

●   Returned item - When a buyer returns an item, the seller can choose to allow Amazon to dispose of it. Then the company may inspect and resell the item via warehouse.

Can Third-party Sellers Benefit from Amazon Warehouse Deals?

Sellers benefit indirectly because returns always pose a headache for businesses. With the Amazon warehouse deals, they can still earn a bit from the reimbursement. They can also be satisfied knowing that products are being recycled or resold sustainably.

The downside is that your brand could be tainted by the imperfect products even if you were not at fault for the damage. You could end up with poor reviews or low seller feedback. A negative brand image could limit future business growth.

Warehouse Deals Tips and Tricks for Sellers

Some of the arrangements under the Amazon warehouse deals are not favorable to sellers because Amazon is more partial to buyers. For example, Amazon deals with returns, and as a seller, you don’t have a vote on whether the returned item will go to the warehouse. The company also decides what condition the item will be sold under. Possibly, what should be a “used- like new” item is sold in the warehouse as “used-acceptable.” When the buyer deems it not good enough as “used-like new,” the negative comment will reflect on the seller.

The only thing a seller can do is switch off the refurbishment setting on the seller dashboard. This prevents Amazon from refurbishing returned items and selling them as renewed.


Amazon warehouse deals are an excellent way for buyers to save money. It is also a good way for sellers to recoup manufacturing expenses if buyers return their products. However, ensuring brand credibility should be a priority for sellers. If you can resell or dispose items sustainably, you can limit Amazon from refurbishing and reselling returned products through the warehouse.

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People Also Ask

Do Amazon Warehouse Items Have a Warranty?

No, they don’t. But Amazon warehouse items are eligible for the Amazon warehouse return policy within 30 days from the shipment date. Some of the renewed products are eligible for the Amazon Renewed Guarantee, which allows refund or replacement of products.

Are Amazon Warehouse Deals Eligible For Super-Saver Delivery?

Some items under Amazon warehouse deals are eligible for free super-saver delivery. Standard shipping policies and rates apply. There may not be super-saver delivery in international regions.

Are Amazon Warehouse Deals Eligible For Prime Shipping?

Prime members are eligible for Prime free shipping on all products listed under Amazon warehouse deals.

How Do I Get the Best Deals on Amazon Warehouse?

Just go to the Amazon warehouse page on the retailer’s website. You can see it in the dropdown beside the search bar on the site. Choose the item you want to buy, and several choices will appear with their respective condition and prices.

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